It is one of the best times of the year!  COLLEGE FOOTBALL!

One of the top coaches in the profession came out with a must-read interview this week.

Urban Meyer tells how success almost took him out in this article.  There are so many similarities to my story here.

He won 2 national championships at Florida in 3 years.

I won almost every award I could in my profession as well, the equivalent of national championships.

Alabama Retailer of the Year, Alabama Independent Pharmacist of the Year, National Compounding Pharmacist of the Month,  Outstanding Young Pharmacist, Small Business of the Year, Best Boss…

But both of us were empty.

Priorities out of order.

We were both blessed with a wonderful wife who stood by us.

And now, we both tell our story because we know,  We are NOT the Lone Wolf (Click here to read).

There are others in the same shoes as we were.

Right now.

And they feel like they are drowning in their own success.

They woke up in a fog saying to themselves, “How did I get here?”

They missed the birthday party.

They missed the game.

They missed the small group.

Because they felt like they had to do more.

One more phone call.

One more bid.

They fear it’s going to all come crashing down.

It may be you.

Or it may be your boss.

Or your spouse.

Or a good friend.

It just happens that my book has been on sale this week for 99 cents and today is the last day to grab it on sale.

How about spending a buck on a friend and send it to them?

It may be an answered prayer.

It may do for them, what this reader said it did for her:

“I am so thankful for your book!!!! It has really helped me in a dark place in my life to change my perspective and connect with God. Thank you so much for allowing God to use you to help me so much. Praise God for your insights and wisdom to share with me in my dark pit. May God bless you!!!! I am going to use your book to lead a small group!”

Or the guy in our Facebook Community who dropped out of college because of his fear of public speaking.

He took my advice in the LISTEN & ACTION chapters of my book, and said this:

“Something happens when you listen to God and have the courage to act…. He will show his strength through your weaknesses.”

Or the guy who took ACTION on the ideas in the THANKFULNESS CHAPTER and said this:


It has been one year to the day that I started using Day One and listing a min. of three things I am grateful for. It could be “that last breath”, “the cup of coffee I was drinking” to bigger things happening.

I add the daily Bible verse from YouVersion. It has helped tremendously. Gratitude can help get rid of the stinkin’ thinkin’. It makes me be more grateful throughout my day.

I don’t miss a day. I can add from my iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

Great idea Stephen!”

Just so you know, I will not retire off 99 cent book sales.

I hope you know that’s not why I do this.

I could focus all my efforts on real estate, other businesses, and grow faster, and make more money.

But I want to help the others who feel like a Lone Wolf.

Click here to buy The 100X Life for 99 cents.

While you’re at it, if you look to the right, under where you buy, there is a button that says “Give as a Gift.”

Praying for all the Lone Wolves out there,


Luke 8:8

P.S.  In the book, I have a chapter on LEARNING as well.  One of the best ways to retain the most is to Listen while reading.  Amazon has a cool option to buy the audiobook along with the kindle version, and they will stay in sync with each other.  I personally LOVE this option.  It is called “Whispersync”.  And if you have enjoyed my podcast, you will like the audiobook, because I’m narrating it.



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